Reflexión #2: La Hispanidad Nuestro Legado

Nuestra historia hispana no es una de opresión, al contrario, es un legado.Un legado de liberación al los oprimidos de sus opresores, creando un mestizaje que jamas en la historia humana se había concebido. Se construyeron escuelas y treinta universidad en hispanoamerica y hubo el regreso del caballo en las Américas. La nobleza indígena fueContinue reading “Reflexión #2: La Hispanidad Nuestro Legado”

Book Recommendation for Hispanic Genealogists

  If you have been able to trace your ancestry to several conquistadors and pobladores of Nueva Espana then this book will be of great reference to you. I ran into this book in the Fall semester of my senior year at the Jernigan Library in Kingsville, Texas. This book is in two volumes which contains shortContinue reading “Book Recommendation for Hispanic Genealogists”

Castaño de Sosa…Basque?

Baltazar Castaño de Sosa is my direct 11th great grandfather. In other words, from father to son, my paternal lineage. Although I descend from him in other lineages within my family history, I find this ancestor of mine quite unique. While investigating my ancestry, I took two DNA test, one from 23andme, and the secondContinue reading “Castaño de Sosa…Basque?”

Identidad y Memoria de Santa Catalina, Nuevo Leon (Translated)

This is a translated article of Identidad y Memoria de Santa Catalina, Nuevo Leon written by Antonio Guerrero Aguilar. The original article can be found on the following website, Lucas Garcia is my 10th great grandfather and I also descend from him directly, as well as through other lineages. The words in red are my additionContinue reading “Identidad y Memoria de Santa Catalina, Nuevo Leon (Translated)”